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Know your political parties and candidates


Election is one of the most important preconditions for democracy. Through election, people elect their representatives; thus, take part in ruling process. Getting information about candidature profiles is important to the voters to elect their right representatives, because it includes in basic rights.

“In case of election, casting vote includes voters’ statement or freedom of voice i.e through voting, voters apply their statements or freedom of voices. Hence, getting information about the contesting candidates is must”, (Indian High Court).

Ratifying this, our High Court also says, “Citizens have right to know about the candidates; and this right belongs to right for vote. But, the candidates here in our country explore about them little bit to the voters in the elections. As a result, voters apply their voting right based on symbol, party, local factors or in exchange of money. Voters’ expectation is not reflected in such type of election”.

On this ground, prior to UP election 2002, SHUJAN-Citizens for Good Governance starts its journey to empower voters. Collecting a number of information about the candidates, these are distributed among the community people. As a part of its continuous process, targeting the 9th national parliament election, VOTEBD web portal is launched having objective to accumulate and publish information about the candidates of various political parties. Dr. ATM Shamsul Huda, Chief Election Commissioner, inaugurated the VOTEBD website on 3th July. He talked up the site and did his commitment to assist by providing information. Candidates’ profile is created having personal, political, economical, and social information. This enables the voters to take decision after being aware of candidates. Our effort will taste its fruit, if provided information become helpful for the voters in selecting their candidates.


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