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For over 25 years, Sarah has explored all aspects of spirituality, gaining first-hand knowledge of meaningful practices. As a pastoral counselor, she believes spiritual formation to be a co-creative process with her clients, and she is particularly enthusiastic to use the harmonics of sound and music as a profound part of health and healing.

Using her professional training as a mental health clinician, Sarah combines her expertise in spiritual psychology with a heartfelt, compassionate presence. She is grateful to be able to apply her life-long love of the creative arts, world mythology and nature to offer a rich lense for supporting her clients’ overall happiness and well-being.

Sarah enjoys using an array of life coaching modalities for living a meaningful life and for enhancing personal and professional health. With a special focus on mindfulness and healing, she values using creative expression as a powerful contemplative tool. Sarah’s therapeutic specialties include grief, trauma recovery, life transitions, relationships, secondary stress, and the integration of spirituality in personal well-being.

Formerly the Director of Spiritual Wellness at the world-renowned Canyon Ranch health resort in Lenox, Massachusetts, Sarah now fully devotes her time to offering creative spiritual practices through The Well.

Through an embodied practice of mysticism and creation spirituality, Sarah treasures her deep connection with Nature and the Cosmos!


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